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Over the years, several of our students have graduated and started a new chapter for themselves, adding value to the community as a whole.

The Fund keeps in touch with all scholarship recipients after graduation,in order to receive updates on their career progression and contribution to the community

  • Maryam Dugheimat

    Maryam Dugheimat

    Marked on Maryam’s calendar is a day she dreamt of for more than 25 years. After decades of economic hardship, two failed marriages, and countless broken dreams, this year, Maryam will be graduating from university at the age of 41. Through Fund support and the generous contributions of our donors, Maryam was amongst the first batch of students to receive a university scholarship in 2011.

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  • Lamees Al Owani

    Lamees Al Owani

    Lemees was born in Ghor Al Safi, few kilometers south of the Dead Sea, and grew up as a middle child in a family of five. The dire economic situation of Al Ghor in general and her family in specific has not deterred her from excelling in her academics and extracurricular activities. People that know Lemees well say that her personality is hard to ignore. Teachers and peers alike admire her competitive, yet friendly, spirit

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  • Mohamad Kheir Al Hueimal

    Mohamad Kheir Al Hueimal

    Mohamad Kheir is student that was born and raised in Ghor Al Mazra’a. As a 19-year-old, his life experiences and responsibilities far exceed his age. A defining moment in his life came as his father got into a tragic car accident and suddenly passed away. Overnight, Mohamad Kheir became the caretaker of the family. Besides supporting them financially, he became the family’s representative at communal and tribal social gatherings. This, Mohamad Kheir says, was a life experience that added to his maturity and strengthened his character.

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  • Abeer Al Ja arat

    Abeer Al-Ja’arat

    Abeer is a young university student at Tafila Technical University originating from Karak. Although her studies are focused on the sciences, she is a talented short-story author and playwright. In her free time, Abeer enjoys exploring her creative side by developing the characters appearing in her plays before attempting to act out their roles.

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  • Muhammad Al Hweimel

    Muhammad Al Hweimel

    Muhammad Al-Hweimel is a student from Ghor Al-Mazra’a. He is a young poet inspired by the great Nizar Qabbani.
    Muhammad is an Electrical Engineering student who has three core aspirations: to obtain his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Germany and return to Jordan to contribute and give back to his community, to build a university that provides higher education for needy students, and to advocate for the rights of the physically disabled in Jordan – an aspiration motivated by the challenges faced by his disabled brother.

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