Sucess story


Mohamad Kheir Al Hueimal

Mohamad Kheir is student that was born and raised in Ghor Al Mazra’a. As a 19-year-old, his life experiences and responsibilities far exceed his age. A defining moment in his life came as his father got into a tragic car accident and suddenly passed away. Overnight, Mohamad Kheir became the caretaker of the family. Besides supporting them financially, he became the family’s representative at communal and tribal social gatherings. This, Mohamad Kheir says, was a life experience that added to his maturity and strengthened his character.

Despite the harsh circumstances that Mohamad Kheir faced as a teenager, he was able to overcome his challenges, graduate high school and get admitted to attend Mu’tah University. His academic performance and successful completion of Tawjihi is an achievement that make him and his high school teachers very proud. Mohamad Kheir also exceled through his extracurricular activities as he headed the Media & Communications Committee and participated in scout activities during high school.

Upon graduating from university, Mohamad Kheir aspires to join a respected Jordanian bank or private company as their accountant , then continue his academic study with Masters and Phd degree. Mohamad Kheir seeks to become a productive member of society and design creative solutions for economic and financial challenges that face Ghor Al-Mazra’a community.

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