University Education Scholarship Fund Program

We aim to achieve the following objectives through our program:

  • program
    Unlock University education opportunities for the financially needy
  • program
    Foster quality & equality in education
  • program
    Encourage education among females
  • program
    Improve general wellbeing of local communities

Education, at all levels, has consistently been ranked as the single most powerful lever or instrument to support economic development, improve standards of living, reduce inequality and combat poverty. It lays the foundation for sustainable growth, on both the individual and national levels.

The Minhati University Education Scholarship Fund is an organization that provides scholarships for underprivileged high school students to attend Jordanian Universities. The Fund currently targets Ghor Al Mazra’a, an impoverished area a few kilometers south of the Dead Sea that suffers from economic hardship and poor educational facilities.

Established in 2011, the Fund is managed by a group of Jordanian volunteers dedicated to support local students excel. The Fund relies on a network of generous donors, individuals and corporations, from across several continents that share our passion and determination to support the local community in Ghor Al Mazra’a. All donor contributions are used to fund the program’s students, while administration costs are covered by our volunteer team.

After only three years of operation, the Fund has managed to support seventeen outstanding students, who have been given the opportunity to pursue their university education through the generous contributions of our donors. In the near future, we plan to grow our program to sponsor a greater number of students across a wider geography.

In essence, our objective is to assist a select number of deserving students every year to build a brighter future for themselves, their community and their country. We need your help and support to be able to achieve that.

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