Sucess story


Abeer Al-Ja’arat

Abeer is a young university student at Tafila Technical University originating from Karak. Although her studies are focused on the sciences, she is a talented short-story author and playwright. In her free time, Abeer enjoys exploring her creative side by developing the characters appearing in her plays before attempting to act out their roles.

Like many high school students, Abeer used to be fearful of speaking in public. Recognizing her weakness, she worked hard on strengthening her public speaking abilities and overcoming her fear of big crowds through her involvement as a representative on the girl scout council. Today, Abeer is a confident young adult willing to speak in front of classmates, teachers, and community members no matter the size of the crowd.

After graduating from university, Abeer aspires to become a science teacher. She is determined to use her education to instill the love of science in the hearts and minds of young pupils and nurture a scientifically-capable generation within the Jordan Valley region. Abeer believes deeply in the value of education and aspires to assist in abolishing illiteracy and reforming the current standard of delivering education.

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