Eligibility and application

How its work

How it works

The Application process

Application forms are annually distributed out to applicants at local high schools and community centers within the areas of operation of the Fund. Students are encouraged to fill the application on their own and provide as much detail and depth as possible within the allocated space to express their ambitions and differentiate themselves from other applicants. Applications are not limited to current high school students and are open to any individual who is able to pursue a university degree.

The Evaluation process

Applications are thoroughly reviewed by an independent Evaluation Committee and a group of applicants are invited for an interview.The evaluation of applications takes into account three key areas: the student’s overall Tawjihi grade, the student’s responses to essay questions, and the responses of the student’s recommender to a set of questions about the student. Evaluation of applications and invitations to interviews are done in September of each year.

The interview is criticalto again a better understanding of the candidate’s suitability for the scholarship. Each candidate is evaluated across multiple desirable characteristics which are:

  • Leadership qualities

  • Perseverance

  • Curiosity & pursuit of learning

  • Commitment to community

  • Communication & confidence

The interview will allow the Evaluation Committee to match a face to the applicationand gain a better understanding of the suitability of the candidate as a whole. By the end of all interviews, each candidate will be ranked against his/her peers to get an overall ranking of the candidates after the interview process.

Fund Disbursement

Once selections are made in September of every year, each donor is matched with a specific student and is regularly updated on the student’s academic performance.

Funds are only disbursed to students after proof of registration, academic records, class schedule and official university receipts are presented to the Fund’s management team.

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